Cataloguing: Jerry Sampson


JerryJerry Sampson was responsible for the cataloguing and digitisation of the fragments and the reredos frameworks.

Having established a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and archaeology of Wells cathedral working on the West Front conservation programme between 1980 and 1987, Jerry has developed a reputation as one of the leading authorities on the church buildings and furnishings of the region. Most recently, he has completed a catalogue of just under 1400 pieces of stone sculpture and architectural fragments dated post-1184 at Glastonbury Abbey. He is also currently the Cathedral Archaeologist for St Davids and Wells cathedrals.

In 2008 Jerry undertook a pilot project to catalogue a small selection of the fragments at St Cuthbert’s. He developed a methodology for classifying the pieces by geology, iconography and technical characteristics which will allow the collection to be sorted by association with either of the frameworks – or another source entirely. His knowledge of the contemporary built environment of the region – down to identification of individual mason’s marks – will enriched our understanding of the artefacts by setting them in context.

His publications include:

Sampson, J., ‘Gothic Sculpture and Worked Stone’, in Gilchrist and Green, (2015) Glastonbury Abbey: archaeological investigations 1904-79, Society of Antiquaries: London

Sampson, J., (1998) Wells Cathedral West Front: Construction, Sculpture and Conservation, Sutton Publishing Ltd.: Stroud

Sampson, J., (1993) ‘The Dating of the Lady Chapel Doors at Glastonbury Abbey in the light of the Recent Conservation Programme’, in Hulbert, Marsden and Todd (eds.), (1993) The Conservator as Art Historian, The United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works of Art: London

Please note that Jerry’s involvement in the project was as a consultant in a temporary capacity and as such we cannot undertake to forward correspondence. He may be contacted via his LinkedIn page.