Our volunteers

Our volunteers are a team of people passionate about this heritage; they are vital to the running of the project. They assist with all aspects of the project work, from guiding tours of the church to reboxing the collection. Our work with volunteers is guided by our Volunteer Policy. Read our blog for more insight into our volunteers’ experiences of the project.

The core volunteer roles are:

Project Ambassadors

Project Ambassadors run weekly tours of the church during the project, building their own knowledge as well as ensuring that the visiting public are aware of the project work.

Documentation Assistants

Documentation Assistants work alongside the cataloguer to catalogue, photograph and repackage the collection. The rate of cataloguing is 1 hour per fragment, so this is a challenging but vital role!

Conservation Volunteers

Conservation Volunteers help to complete the essential technical support for cataloguing and repackaging. This involves setting up work spaces and preparing the storage boxes and materials.

We are not currently recruiting for more volunteers, but if you’re interested in the project please join us for tours and events and share your comments and ideas with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts!